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be an example

Be an Example

“The master is content to serve as an example

and not impose his will.” – Tao te Ching

Good day to you! Before you read any further, let me start by saying that if you believe the above words to be true, you will get a lot out of today’s blog. If you don’t, then hit your “back” button, and hopefully, I’ll have something wiser for you in the next segment.   🙂

This saying really resonates with me. The teachers in my life with the most profound effect taught me with their examples and not their words. I remember my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kirby, whose passion for Texas history drew me into wanting to learn about the early days of my home state. Recently, my son’s martial arts instructor taught me through his example how to raise my expectations of discipline and polite manners from three-year-olds while still having a lot of fun with them. With perfect form, Master Kim delivers a front kick to a training bag, and while he doesn’t expect his littlest students to do the same, he DOES expect them to listen respectfully to him and to work hard.

Just as these words apply to humans, I believe they apply to The Creator, too. I believe The Creator serves as an example to us in many ways:

  • Plants and trees are The Creator’s example of teaching us patience. All flowering and growth happens at just the right time, in the right season.
  • Young animals and children are The Creator’s example of teaching us to treat life with wonder and a playful attitude.
  • Storms are The Creator’s example of teaching us that the toughest of situations do not last very long, and then there is peace afterwards.
  • Birth and death are our strongest examples of The Creator teaching us about change and transition, a recurring theme in our lives on Earth.

Does The Creator, the ultimate Master, impose His/Her will? I don’t believe so. I believe we have free will, that we will live much of our lives in expected ways because we are human, and that The Creator wants to be a partner in our lives. Hoping for us to consult with Him/Her and imposing His/Her will are very different from each other.

Namaste,  Sheryl