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In the Silence

“Silence is the true friend who never betrays.”

– Confucius

This one little sentence seems to hold many meanings. I wondered what Confucius was trying to teach in these few words, and so I researched it. Two items surfaced for me.

First, Confucius taught about the merits of recollection, introspection and deep thinking – he used the word “silence” to describe this process.

Second, Confucius taught that actions are much more powerful than words. Silence–not saying anything–was just fine, as it is our actions which define us and make us more or less valuable to ourselves and others.

Combining these two items could mean that using recollection and deep thinking can bring us to the truth of situations and help us to devise reactions and/or solutions. Staying silent and acting out those solutions makes our reactions unmistakable. Spoken words will not interfere with actions that can be seen and felt.

Confucius intrigues me! I will be reading his wisdom more regularly.

Namaste, Sheryl