Monthly Archives: February 2018



“Either we are tested or we are testing in every moment of our lives.” ¬†— Sheryl Miller

Yes, I was looking for just the right quotation about tests, found none and made up my own. Isn’t that the perfect example of a test? When you are looking for something and cannot find it, what do YOU do?

I think about the ubiquity of social media and how it has made each customer’s contact with a business an important test. If the pizza delivery arrives late, the restaurant fails the test, and its score is posted on Yelp within minutes.

Are we tested by the Creator? Yes, constantly! How do we respond to inconveniences? How well do we reach out to others for help? How quickly do we come to someone else’s aid? What do we do on those days when absolutely nothing goes right?

My point is that life is a series of tests. Tests are normal. They teach us about ourselves. They teach others about who we are. We are constantly testing other people and being tested by them. Tests are how we gather information about our world, just as a teacher uses a test to gather information about how well his/her students learned the material. ¬†Tests aren’t positive or negative. They are simply one of the best tools humans have for learning. Pass or fail, it doesn’t matter. The point is we must use our tests to learn, to grow, and to be the best souls-in-human-bodies that we can be.

Namaste, Sheryl