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You Are a Creator

You are a Creator

“I feel the smile of  God as I create.
It’s like we are colleagues, working side by side
to manifest our ideas into objects.
Whether I am home creating vibrant children or
in my office, creating stories or ideas for clients,
God is my co-worker, and I am on his  team.”

— Sheryl Miller

Have  you had this feeling lately? Can’t it be a challenge to see your own contributions sometimes? I left a job once, because I didn’t feel like I was doing enough for the world through that job. I looked for meaning and didn’t find it. In hindsight, the job was loaded with contributions, and my work was important to thousands of people.

Because I’ve gained a larger world view through the experience of living, now it is easier for me to see the effects my life has on other people’s lives. It’s like rain falling on a pond; each water drop creates a ripple that extends in all directions. I cannot live without having such an effect and without others affecting my life, too.

As I offer, with intention, my conversations with The Creator of All and my other creations to the world, it helps me to appreciate the creations of others: my reliable car, the Chagall painting in my bedroom, my favorite TV shows, the kind thoughts of my husband, the spontaneous dancing of my daughter, and the active imagination of my little son.

You are a Creator, but if you are having trouble recognizing it, why not intentionally create something today? It could be as simple as a doodle on a piece of paper or as sophisticated as a rebuilt motorcycle engine.

Bring us your creativity. Please! We need you.

Namaste,  Sheryl