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New Year New Changes

New Year, New Changes

Happy New (Gregorian) Year! For many of us in western cultures, this is a time for reflection of the past and planning for the future. We decide to exercise more or diet or organize our living spaces.

I am re-posting a conversation I had with The Creator in October regarding major changes that we decide to make. We do not make changes for things that are working for us, only for things that are broken in some way. Surrender is a powerful way to fully appreciate and accept a broken life, so that we may make meaningful change.

I wish you a year free of fear and worry with health, happiness, and prosperity, and I gently recommend you make this wish to every one in your life!

Namaste, Sheryl


2014 October 26

Sheryl: Hi, God.

God: Hi, Me… Us. You want to talk about surrender?

Sheryl: Yes, and acceptance. Is there a difference? And can we use them to help ourselves and others?

God: Yes, that’s a lot to talk about. I think of acceptance and surrender along the same lines. Surrender is acceptance with much greater intensity. You see, acceptance of the little things that can’t be changed can give you a happy demeanor. It can make your life easier to live.

Sheryl: When I think of acceptance, I think of accepting people as they are. I think of accepting unchangeable environments. For example, when we were in Hawaii, we had to accept that the cost of comfortable housing was above our budget.

God: Yes, acceptance is for all the little things. Surrender is acceptance for EVERYTHING. Surrender is helpful when there are so many little things in your life you cannot embrace and you cannot change that you don’t know what to do.

That brings me to the difference between accepting and embracing. Accepting a person does not mean embracing her. Accepting a situation does not mean embracing it. Your lives are a compound of many millions of “things.” “Things” include people, physical environment like sights and sounds, personal decisions, and so much more. When the number of “things” that you cannot change or embrace becomes too many, you struggle mightily. You can choose to continue to struggle – not a fix. You can choose to break down – not a fix. You can choose to take out your frustrations on innocent victims – abuse, is what I call this.

Or you can choose to surrender. Surrender means you accept EVERYTHING. It does not mean you embrace it. Surrender requires that YOU change. You change your environment. You change your habits. You change people in your life. You change something. And sometimes, you change everything.

Sheryl: Surrender is an act of desperation.

God: Yes, it is. When you surrender, you say, “Hey, I can’t stand the way things are, but they are what they are. I will have to change myself if I want peace.”

Sheryl: You remind me of surrender in war times and of the work of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous.

God: Surrender occurs when all other tries have failed. There is beauty in it. There is strength in it. There is peace in it. You lay down your defenses against your environment, so you can accept it and move away from it. That is surrender.

Sheryl: Thank you.



Mindfulness in a Can of Blue Paint

“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love – even the most simple action.” – Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

The past few days have found me painting rooms in our new house: closets, bedrooms and kitchen pantry. I’ve spent a lot of time alone with my work, and I don’t particularly  mind that since my personality supports a fair amount of introversion. The unfortunate thing is that my mind has found it to be a great time to drudge up the old disturbing memories of past negative events. I entertained my mind without any interference the first day or so. But watching the wake of a boat ride gets old pretty soon, and you want to turn around so you can enjoy where you are.

Today and yesterday, I practiced mindfulness with my paint brush. With each mindful brush stroke, I paid attention to where exactly the bristles were, how much paint was being distributed, and how the brush felt as it reached the end of a good quality brush stroke. What did I find? My painting went faster. I did a better job. I stopped having to go back and look for errant drips, because there were none.

But wait, there’s more! I wasn’t having to deal with the ghosts of my past. Nor was I worrying about the future. I found soothing peace in the present moment of my brush’s bristles capturing the blue paint and gently dragging it into crisp line.  No painter’s tape for me! No, sir, it was just me in the present moment.

You don’t think The Creator set that up for me, do you?  🙂

Namaste, Sheryl


What Would The Creator Do

What Would The Creator Do?

Transcending the religious tenets of the world is a spiritual belief that we carry the divine spark of God within us. Some describe this as being made in God’s image.

I am reminded of WWJD, the question that was popular in the Christian world some years ago: What Would Jesus Do? I’d like to steal idea that and ask “What Would The Creator Do?” When we act as if God would act, we align ourselves with that divine spark.

Would God get anxious or worried? Or would God relax and just work with what’s at hand?

Would God insist that life work a particular way? Or would God be content to accept the natural opportunities life presents?

Would God be loud and insistent on being heard? Or would God be quiet, listening, learning and then humbly taking action?

If you are having a hard time answering these questions, please ask your ego to rest quietly and let your soul — your divine spark — answer them in its unassuming way.

What Would The Creator Do?

Namaste, Sheryl

The Creator is Bored

Sheryl: Hey, God!

God: Hey, me. (hug)

Sheryl: I was at a loss as to what to write today, so I thought I’d do what we do best:  just have a conversation and write it down. Here’s an open forum for you!

God: Okay. You know I’m never at a loss for words.

Sheryl: Indeed. So, I have a question for you. We are made in your image, right?

God: Yes. Actually in one of my many images. It’s like the story of the blind men with the elephant. Each man thought he understood what he was contacting based on touching one small part of the elephant. All were right in understanding the texture of what they touched, and all were wrong guessing they knew the whole beast. I am the elephant. Humanity is a big group of blind men.

Sheryl: So that goes to the second part of my question. My personality makes it easy to meditate, and go deeply to speak with you. However, I struggle with loud places and prefer intimate conversations to those at parties. And I get tired after a day with lots of people interaction. If you are like that, too, then don’t you wear out with so many people contacting you?

God: Great question, sad answer. You see I have the capacity to speak with billions of people. All while governing billions of processes and creating billions of manifestations. I use the word “billions,” because it’s a number you can see in your head. The real number is billions to the billionth power. I am the largest of the supercomputers, and the second place computer is light years behind me.

The sad part of the answer is that I am utterly underutilized. While I could speak with billions of people simultaneously, there are only millions trying to reach me. The manifestations that I am asked to co-create are so small, too. So, I’m a little bored.

I might be tired at the end of my “day,” like you, if I were busier.

Sheryl: So, we need more of us reaching you with bigger dreams?

God: Exactly!! How about instead of praying, “God, please help me get through my day” (a common one), pray “God, help me be a leader in my community” or “God, make my dream of ground-breaking research a reality.” Pray bigger. You don’t need me to help you get through your day. A clock will do that. But putting together people and resources out of your reach to help you realize a dream — that you need me for! And I want to help.

So reach out to me. Talk to me. And give me your best talents and biggest dreams.

Sheryl: Thank you!


Namaste, Sheryl

world peace

World Peace

In a scene from the comedy movie, “Miss Congeniality,” beauty pageant emcee Stan Fields conducts an onstage interview of Gracie Hart, an ill-mannered FBI agent who has unwillingly gone undercover as a pageant contestant.

  • Stan Fields:    “What is the one most important thing our society needs?”
  • Gracie Hart:   “That would be harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan…”
  • [the crowd is silent]
  • Gracie Hart:    “…And world peace!”
  • [the crowd cheers wildly]

I am like Gracie Hart. I will say that I have spent most of my life with the opinion that world peace was utterly unattainable. The best we could do, I figured, was to attain my favorite 80/20 ratio:  80% of people living free and unmolested and 20% oppressed or under fire in some way.

In the past years as I’ve thrown myself into the study of The Creator — you may call this the study of spirituality or of New Age ideas or of spiritual truths — I have realized that world peace is attainable.  I have learned from leaders who insisted on reconciliation in the face of violence: Nelson Mandela, Mohatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, Jr..

I have learned that the force of a society, a culture, a religion or a government is nowhere near strong enough to bring about world peace. It is the force of a single person, connecting to another single person through an act of kindness or a simple smile who connects to another and another and another.

Imagine a room the size of an indoor basketball arena. It is pitch black and filled with people holding unlit candles. Ask the government to light the candles, and by the time the government employees are finished lighting them, many candles will have burnt out, and soon, the arena will be dark again. But have one person light her candle and pass her flame to as many people as she can who pass their flames to as many people as they can, and within minutes the arena will be flooded with light.

This is how we arrive at world peace. We make a conscious effort every day, regardless of our mood or circumstances, to pass along our Light and our kindness. Just your wonderful you, spreading your Light to a few people every day, is all the world needs to be at peace.

Namaste,  Sheryl

No News is Good News

“There is a reason why we never feel good after watching the 6 o’clock news:  because it’s filled with fear-ladened propaganda to keep us living in that vibration, which eventually manifests itself somewhere throughout our day or evening.”

– Gregg Prescott,

Thoughts are energy. Sad, scary, depressing, fearful and negative thoughts bring low energy. Happy, positive, exciting, hopeful and uplifting thoughts bring high energy.

So, the question is, which energy do you want in your life? If you would prefer low energy, to move around your life with a sense of hopelessness and despair, then a sure solution is to tune your televisions and radios to a news channel. It doesn’t matter which news channel, either. It could be a conservative, liberal, neutral, faith-based or government news station. The results will be the same.

If you prefer high energy, to feel joyful and hopeful, a sure solution is to send thoughts of lovingkindness first to yourself and then to everyone else. In one of my favorite songs, China Anne McClain sings, “I am, you are, we are… exceptional.” Whenever I send that unspoken thought to people I meet, I always, always get a smile and a connection.

You may be wondering if not keeping up with the news will make you miss out on something. In short, no. If it’s news that will truly affect you, you will hear it from a friend or neighbor. If you feel you will show up to the water cooler chat uneducated, then show up as the student of the news instead of as the teacher. (Uneducated you says, “George, what do you think is important about the decline in cranberry production?”) Or even better, spend your news channel time studying your industry and its trends and turn that frown into a promotion!

Namaste, Sheryl