Help Others, but only When Asked

“Don’t want people meddling in your life? Don’t meddle in others’ lives, especially children, partners and extended family members.” – Sheryl Miller

Why do we think we should have a say about the lives of other people, especially those people who are very close to us? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like it when others give me unsolicited advice about how to live my life. It’s one thing if I ask for help, but it’s quite another when someone else feels they must share their opinion about me or something I’m doing.

The Creator of All sets the example of how to be active in another’s life: She/He is present, is quiet, and is observant. She/He is helpful when asked and will share an opinion when asked. The Creator loves us so much that She/He knows we have to make mistakes and learn from them, and thus, does not interfere.

As the creators of all that is in our own lives, we can give others what we appreciate: The gifts of non-judgment and non-interference. Can we be available to help our loved ones when asked and honor their uniqueness and personal decisions at the same time?

Namaste,   Sheryl

2 thoughts on “Help Others, but only When Asked

  1. The other night, my daughter was watching a TV show in which the police chief was butting into an investigation that his subordinates were already handling quite well. you could see how they were bristling at his interference. Reading the blog brought that scene to mind and helped me remember how often I offer my advice when the other person already has a plan of action in place. Often, my help does not consider all of the issues.

    On the other hand, I often face an issue and want to handle it by myself. If I but ask for a little help, my task becomes much easier. But, I am stubborn that way. I just had a situation develop in which I need to go in for immediate minor surgery. I have to be at the hospital at 5:15 in the morning. And, since it is surgery, I don’t need to be there by myself. The timing created a problem for my wife and me, trying to also take care of our two small children. She suggested that I ask a friend for help. He jumped at the opportunity to help me, and I will have some time to visit with him and gratefully accept his help.

    “Ask and you shall receive.”

  2. I miss you, my dear sweet friend. As I write this tears are starting to roll down my cheeks.

    Can’t say more now, I just need time to reflect

    Greg Zarbo

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